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Tips for Lowering Your AC Bills in the Summer

Florida summers are all about fun in the sun, but the seasonal heat can be downright overwhelming to both your body and your pocketbook. Maintaining a comfortable temperature inside doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg, though. Below are tips for lowering your AC Bills in the summer.

  • Know Your Numbers – The days of memorizing phone numbers by heart may be long past, but there are some numbers you should memorize: the best temperature settings for your thermostat! Fiddling with the temperature setting on your AC unit actually makes it work harder and use more energy because it forces the compressor to restart frequently. Rather than turning your system off until the heat is unbearable and then blasting cold air in short bursts, set it and forget it. During the day, the optimal temperature for lowering your AC bills is 78°F; at night, the optimal temperature is 68 to 72 degrees.
  • Put Those Fans to Work – Ceiling fans in your home can help you slash your cooling costs, even though they don’t lower the temperature in the room. By moving the air in the room and creating a breeze, they make a space feel cooler, often substantially enough to leave the AC off altogether thus lowering your AC bills.
  • Don’t Skip Seasonal AC Service – When your AC system seems to be working well enough, it’s tempting to skip things like seasonal AC service and maintenance. Changing filters, cleaning ducts and springing for a warm-weather tune-up is your best line of defense against expensive AC service calls or new-unit AC installation. Skipping out on annual maintenance can cost you up to an additional 25% in cooling costs, not to mention expenses associated with repairs or new installation. 

Staying on top of AC service isn’t just an important part of lowering your AC bills. Spotting potential trouble spots and heading off expensive repairs before they’re needed can also keep you far more comfortable. During the summer season, AC installation and service companies tend to experience their highest demand. Getting an appointment for repair or replacement at the peak of summer can be next to impossible. Higher demand means higher prices, so your best bet is to invest early in preventative care. If you haven’t scheduled your summer maintenance, AMI Air Conditioning can help make sure you’re ready for the dog days ahead.

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