Energy Saving Tips for Spring

Even in a climate where winters are quite mild, spring still feels like a great time for new beginnings and turning over new leaves. Whether you’re looking for ways to cut household costs in the coming months or concerned about your use from an environmental standpoint, spring is also the ideal season for lowering energy consumption. Here are a few ways you can realize some savings and minimize your impact this spring.

  • Check Your Temperature – Temperature checks aren’t just for public places; what’s the temperature on your thermostat? Setting the air conditioner thermostat to a few degrees warmer than usual can translate to real savings.
  • Shooting the Breeze – With some strategic window-opening and fan deployment, you can lower the temperature in your home by taking advantage of natural cross breeze ventilation without driving up costs. Just remember to turn fans off when you leave a room for optimum savings. 
  • Change Your Filters – Spring is a great time to check your air filters. Not only does accumulated debris negatively affect air quality, but it also makes your AC unit work harder. Energy bills go up, but so do wear and tear on your air conditioner. Avoid unexpected AC service bills and minimize overall cooling costs by changing the filters. 
  • Hang ‘Em Out to Dry – Dryers can be one of the single worst culprits for energy costs. Fortunately, the warm Florida spring is an excellent opportunity to hang take advantage of the breeze by hanging laundry out to dry. 
  • Don’t Land in Hot Water – Lowering the temperature on your water heater from 140 degrees to 120 degrees can not only save about $2 per month on energy costs it also lowers the risk of scalding for a safer home.

Saving money and being kinder to the planet is worth taking a few extra steps in the spring and summer months. Looking for more ways to save? AMI Air Conditioning can help you set your home up for energy-efficiency success while keeping you cool all summer long.

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