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Best Thermostat Temperature for Florida Summer

An air conditioning system is essential in many areas of the country but particularly crucial in Florida in summer’s hot, humid conditions. As temperatures soar, though, so can your energy usage and electricity bills. How do you keep your home livable and expenses manageable while also minimizing the strain that can necessitate service for air conditioning? There are several factors, but one of the most significant can be your best thermostat temperature setting.

Where Should I Set My Thermostat in Summer for the Best Thermostat Temperature?

According to both the Department of Energy and the Florida Public Service Commission, the recommended best thermostat temperature setting for Florida summer is 78° Fahrenheit while your home is occupied. When no one’s home, setting it a few degrees higher can have an even bigger impact on both energy consumption and costs. During nighttime hours, it’s best to keep the thermostat parked at the highest possible temperature at which your family can comfortably sleep.

If 78° is still a bit too stuffy for comfort, there are ways to lower the temperature in your home without cranking up the AC. Make sure you’re taking full advantage of ceiling fans, which can shave up to 4° off the temperature of a room. Draw the blinds during the hottest part of the day to block the sun’s rays and consider investing in a programmable thermostat.

The Perks of Programmable Thermostats

Remembering to adjust settings multiple times a day can be challenging but forgetting to shift from your lowest nighttime setting in the morning before you leave the house can be a costly mistake. Setting your thermostat higher than the recommended 78° while you’re out of the house helps you realize serious savings, but it also can also mean coming home from a long day to a sweltering house. Programmable thermostats eliminate the risk of forgetting to adjust accordingly, but they also allow you to drop down to a more comfortable temperature just before you typically arrive home. 

Routine inspection and service for air conditioning can keep your system working as efficiently and effectively as possible. If you’re ready to optimize your air conditioning system for another hot Florida summer, AMI Air Conditioning can help.

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