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How AC installation Now Can Save You a Headache Later

Thinking about your air conditioning system this time of year may feel like jumping the gun even for Floridians, but there are a ton of great reasons why this is the ideal time for new AC installation. Find out why it’s never really too early to start worrying about the summer heat, especially in today’s world.

The Law of AC Installation Supply and Demand

It doesn’t take an economist to know that when supply is short, and demand is high, a host of problems can ensue. Costs aren’t the only thing that rise when there’s a sharp squeeze, either. Less to go around means waiting longer and sometimes settling for less than you need to make it through the season. As a snarled global supply chain continues to have a ripple effect across most industries, the home heating and cooling industry has not escaped unscathed. Parts and equipment take longer to arrive, cost more from the manufacturer and are routinely out of stock.

At the same time, an unprecedented housing boom is further increasing demand for new ac installation services across the country. During normal times, planning for a new air conditioning unit during the winter months would mean getting out in front of the crowd for quicker, less expensive service. Now, it simply means securing a place in line. 

Why it Pays to Think (Far) Ahead for New AC Installation and Maintenance Services

Whether you’re planning to buy a new unit before the summer heat arrives or you’ve been putting off routine maintenance, now is the time to book services. As warmer days approach and demand continues to rise, so will prices and wait times. The cool season in Florida is notoriously short, and the summer days are long; getting a head start now can make a tremendous difference in your experience. 

Want to get your new unit installed well ahead of the dog days, or need to make sure your system is in tip-top shape to avoid unpleasant surprises? AMI Air is here to help you get ahead of the changing weather to beat the heat before it arrives.

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