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Why You Should Schedule Your Air Conditioning Repair in January

Even in Florida, thinking about your AC unit in January can feel a bit like jumping the gun. But the truth is scheduling air conditioning repair and regular maintenance during the winter months can be less expensive and less stressful across the board. Find out why!

How Beating the Air Conditioning Repair Rush Pays Off

During the cooler months, most people just aren’t thinking about their AC system. Most of the time, people don’t even discover they need repair or maintenance service until they try to fire up the air conditioner on the first balmy day of the year. Unfortunately, this means the beginning of AC season is one of the highest-demand periods of the entire year for Florida air conditioning experts. 

There just aren’t as many appointments on the books in January and February. Fewer booked slots mean you get faster service, something that’s particularly valuable when you’re enjoying the cool air and all the neighbors are impatiently waiting in the heat for help. 

Remember high school economics? When supply outstrips demand, prices are lower. When demand goes through the roof and supply is inherently limited because there are only so many hours in the day, prices increase exponentially. Getting ahead of the line doesn’t just mean you’ll be comfortable while procrastinating neighbors are sweltering; it also means you’ll pay less for any needed air conditioning repair bills, too.

Why You Should Book Air Conditioning Service and Maintenance Now

The last thing you want is to spend the first days of warm weather in misery because your AC unit is on the fritz. Getting your inspections and maintenance done now means there’s still plenty of time to address any needed repairs well before the dog days hit. 

Something else to keep in mind: supply chain issues. It’s not uncommon to wait days or even weeks longer for goods to be shipped these days, and AC parts are no exception. So, getting in front of any problems now leaves ample time for shipping and receiving. Ready to get your system squared away in advance? AMI Air Conditioning is here to save the day.

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