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Spring HVAC Maintenance Checklist

It’s almost time for Florida’s brief annual cold spell to give way to the warmer days of spring, which means heavy-duty AC use is just around the corner. That makes right now the perfect time to invest a little bit of energy into seasonal HVAC maintenance for a variety of reasons, not least of which is avoiding the high bills and incredible misery of a Florida summer waiting for HVAC repair. Find out how you can keep your system humming along throughout the dog days with a little bit of preemptive spring HVAC maintenance now.

How Preventative HVAC Maintenance Saves You Time, Money, and Grief.

Most people would love to have a few more hours in the day and a few more dollars in their pocket but don’t realize how often they’re leaving timesaving and cost-cutting opportunities on the proverbial table.

Waiting until something goes wrong with your home air conditioning to give it a good once-over is stressful for a few reasons, especially if it happens at the peak of summer. First, because summer is by far the busiest season for experienced, professional HVAC maintenance and repair technicians, you’re likely to wait longer for help if things go wrong at the peak of the season. Second, the laws of supply and demand apply to home HVAC maintenance just like they apply to everything else, you’re likely to pay more for the same repairs when parts and labor are in equally short supply.

Enter spring HVAC maintenance. When you work with a skilled professional to get your system ready for summer and to catch any potential issues before they cause real problems, you’re less likely to find yourself dealing with an expensive repair down the road.

Checking HVAC Maintenance off Your Spring To-Do List

Changing the batteries in your smoke detectors and spring cleaning are already at the top of your seasonal to-do list. Fortunately, this one is as easy as making a single phone call. AMI Air is ready to help you make sure your AC unit is in top fighting shape for the sizzling summer to come.

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