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How do Ductless Air Conditioners Work

If you’re looking for cooling solutions for your Florida home that won’t require the hassle of additional ductwork, you may be relieved to find out that window AC units are no longer your only available option. So whether you’re adding to an existing home, building a brand new one, or just looking to boost energy efficiency as costs everywhere rise, a ductless air conditioner system may be the answer.

What is a Ductless Air Conditioner?

Most homeowners are really only familiar with two methods of cooling indoor spaces: central HVAC and window air conditioners. The former requires substantial amounts of ductwork to carry air cooled at a central condenser through a network of tunnels hidden in the walls, roof, and any other available space. Unfortunately, vents attached to that ductwork are scattered throughout your home, which is where things can become tricky, especially when renovating older homes where there simply isn’t enough space.

The latter, window AC units, are often loud and expensive to run, as they are less energy-efficient and only cool one room. The bigger problem is that these units perch in a window. Unfortunately, the exterior half of the window unit drips water down the building’s side. This water creates moisture along the wall. A steady stream of condensation throughout the Florida summer creates the perfect circumstances for water damage, discoloration, and other issues.  

Ductless air conditioner systems, also known as mini-splits, are a third option. While not as familiar to many homeowners as central HVAC and window units, they’re still the ideal choice for various circumstances. Comprised of a single outdoor unit and multiple indoor units, they eliminate the need for ductwork. In addition, unlike massive HVAC ducts, thin refrigerant lines carry refrigerant from the outdoor compressor unit to zoned indoor units, like kitchens, on demand.

Is a Ductless Air Conditioner System Right for My Home?

No two homes are identical, just like no two AC Systems are identical. No matter how well a system works in theory, you want to be sure it will work in practice under the unique conditions of your home environment. Because the indoor units are not large and bulky, they’re relatively easy to integrate into a room, but they may not feel powerful enough to handle the entire zone to which they are assigned. This is the time to remember that great things sometimes come in small packages. 

When sized correctly for the square footage of each zone, a mini-split system can keep your home comfortable and cool through the sweltering Florida summer with less expense than a collection of window units and less stress than installing new ductwork.

The ideal setting for a ductless air conditioner system is one in which the home is split into multiple zones. This focuses on keeping the most frequently used spaces cool without wasting money to control temperatures in empty spaces. Once installed, there are many bonuses to enjoy:

  • Easily Installed – Florida is hot enough, even during the year’s cooler months. The last thing you want is hassle and stress trying to coordinate the installation of a cumbersome, expensive and difficult HVAC system. Mini-split systems can be installed quickly and easily, shaving valuable time off your project timeline and getting you closer to being ready for summer’s heat.
  • Reaping Multiple Benefits – In addition to a cool indoor space, you’ll enjoy a variety of surprise benefits of a mini-split system. For example, some models integrate air purification and dehumidification features, and many feature heat pumps that allow you to flip a switch when winter nights get too cool for comfort.
  • Financial Perks – You already know installing a ductless air conditioner system is less expensive than a traditional HVAC one. Still, you may be surprised by how much more efficiently they use energy. Because there is no loss of cooled (or heated) air as it travels through ductwork, mini-split systems can be 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than central heating and cooling. 

Are you ready to make the jump to a quicker, easier, hassle-free system that saves you money and keeps your home cool? AMI air can help.

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