Ductless AC System

3 Facts to Know Before Switching to a Ductless AC System

Have you been pondering the benefits of switching to a ductless AC system but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice? The truth is, in many applications, a ductless system is ideal. Before you take the plunge, though, there are a few things you should know. 

Number 1: Ductless AC Systems are Usually Best for New Builds or Major Remodels

While there is a plethora of benefits associated with installing a ductless AC system, the biggest benefit lies in the name itself: “ductless.” Unlike forced-air systems that push heated or cooled air through a series of ductwork twists and turns throughout crawlspaces and ceilings, there’s no need to plan for bulky ductwork. For a new build, this can be an absolute game-changer regarding the more practical use of square footage that would normally be reserved for traditional HVAC systems. It can even impact the way your blueprints are designed, allowing you to make updates that benefit your family and expected home usage, not accommodate a bulky system. 

For major renovation projects, tearing out old ductwork doesn’t have to mean replacing it with a newer version of the same equipment; this is a great opportunity to reassess. For example, could you carve valuable storage space by reclaiming what’s already used to house ductwork? If you’re renovating an older home that does not have central heating and cooling systems installed, you can preserve more of its natural character and charm. Rather than hacking up square footage to shoehorn in ductwork in spaces never designed to support it, you can opt for modern comfort and classic style in one fell swoop.

Number 2: Ductless AC Systems Do More Than You Might Think

While cooling is often the primary focus of a ductless system, there are models with integrated heat pumps that allow you to knock the chill off the air during Florida’s typically short, mild winter. This means a ductless system can keep you covered throughout the year with a single investment. Looking for improved air quality? Seek out a model that includes dust-collecting filters, enzyme-treated filters to minimize dust mites, pet dander and other allergens, or ceramic filters designed to neutralize odors. You can heat and cool your entire home, improve air quality, lower energy bills and save space with one system.


Number 3: Get Ready for a Lot of Remotes

Ductless systems are typically installed higher up on the wall, often above door frames or windows. Although this makes them more efficient, it also makes them hard to reach. In addition, each unit in a ductless AC system is typically controlled by its own remote, which means you’ll need to make a plan for keeping them in the right room and easy to locate. 

Because they’re controlled by battery-operated remotes, it’s also a good idea to keep in mind that this is the first thing you should check if a unit is malfunctioning. Often, there’s nothing wrong with the system or unit, just dead batteries in the remote preventing the unit from receiving the appropriate signals. 

Installing a ductless AC system isn’t right for every home in Florida, but it’s a great option for newly built or heavily renovated ones. Ready to upgrade your system to a smarter, more efficient, and more effective home cooling and heating option? AMI Air Conditioning has you covered. With more than half a century of experience taking care of Floridians’ indoor climate control systems, AMI’s expert professionals can help you decide if a ductless system is right for you and how to implement one for the best performance.

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