Smart Thermostat

5 Advantages of Installing a Smart Thermostat

Many household appliances have been getting upgraded to smart technology throughout the past few years, including thermostats. Have you ever considered switching to a smart thermostat? More homeowners have started installing them for the variety of benefits they offer from the traditional thermostat. Read on to find out why people are taking the plunge into home technology. 

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat:
  • Keep Energy Costs Low- You can schedule your heating/cooling temperature while you’re out from the convenience of your phone. This eliminates the inefficiency of having your thermostat run at unnecessary times, even traditional programmable thermostats only have so much control over what temperature they stop at with no remote on/off feature. 
  • Track Energy Use- With a wifi-enabled thermostat, you can create a home energy profile that tracks your energy usage over time, using real-time data. You can learn about what your energy habits are like, how your usage changes, how these factors affect your energy costs, and how you can adjust your heating/cooling preferences to keep costs low. 
  • Control From Anywhere- The biggest benefit of smart technology is that it can be controlled from any smart device, anywhere, anytime. Replacing your traditional thermostat with a smart thermostat means you can set the perfect temperature with a click of a button. If you’re coming home early from work and want your house to be cool by the time you get home, simply go to your thermostat app and adjust your schedule. The app can also notify you of altered temperature changes or if your temperature has fallen below your limits. This feature can also be very useful for second homes/vacation homes or guest apartments that you don’t visit in person regularly. 
  • Easy to Schedule HVAC- If technology usage isn’t your strongest ability, no need to worry about not being able to use a smart thermostat. They are easy to schedule heating or cooling, at the palm of your hand or directly on the thermostat. Over time, the thermostat will create a known schedule of movement in the house as it detects patterns. A smart thermostat also considers the outside temperature and weather to make the correct adjustments.
  • Compatible with Other Smart Devices- Outside of your phone, there are many other smart devices you can link up to and exchange information with. For example, an Alexa Echo or Google Nest device can easily link up and extend your range of use. You can have an entire home full of smart devices that communicate data to enhance the comfortability of your home without lifting a finger. 

Opting for a smart thermostat means you can adjust the temperature from anywhere with energy-saving benefits. Think a smart thermostat is right for you? AMI air can help!

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