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5 Energy Saving Tips for Summer from AMI Air

Living in Florida means never worrying about extreme winter weather, but the tradeoff is the sweltering summer heat. The hot days of summer stretch farther in Florida, which means so do many residents’ energy bills in an attempt to beat the heat. Fortunately, there are small adjustments you can make to your daily routine with the potential to have a substantial impact.

Here are some quick and relatively painless tips from your friendly experts at AMI Air.
  • Be a Fan of Fans – Ceiling fans don’t lower the air temperature in a room, but they create movement and breezes that make the room more comfortable when your AC thermostat is set to higher, less expensive temperatures. 
  • Change Those Filters – Changing HVAC filters is one of those household maintenance tasks that are easily overlooked but can seriously impact your overall energy usage. Dirty, clogged filters obstruct airflow, meaning less cool air makes it into your home with the added bonus of additional strain on the system that could lead to costly repairs. However, replacing filters is often far cheaper and easier than high electric and HVAC repair bills in the long run.
  • Check Your Ductwork – You know dirty ducts can affect indoor air quality, but leaky ones can do a number on your wallet, too. The last thing you want to do is cool the air in your attic or crawlspace at the peak of summer while your house itself is sweltering.
  • Skip the Stove – While it’s not always feasible to cook every meal in the microwave, the more you can minimize oven and range use throughout the summer, the better. Your AC system is fighting enough heat without the added inferno of your stove. In addition, a microwave doesn’t add ambient heat to the room like a stove does, and the last thing you want is to stand over a hot range during the hottest parts of the year. 
  • Invest in Proper Maintenance – Your HVAC system is a major source of energy use in any home and keeping it working efficiently requires the same dedication to maintenance as your vehicle. Inspections and upkeep through a licensed HVAC professional, such as AMI Air, do more than keep your system humming all year long; it also helps prevent problems before they start and keep a lid on energy use.

Ready to make your home more energy-efficient and more comfortable this summer? AMI Air can help!


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