AC Equipment healthy

How to keep your AC equipment healthy

For Floridians keeping AC equipment healthy is very important. No one wants to deal with the hassle and expense of extensive air conditioning repair. With “winter” seasons that are warmer than some summers, Florida air conditioners take a lot of abuse. Keeping yours as happy and healthy as possible can help minimize the long-term costs of upkeep and repairs and help you save on energy costs.

Leading Causes of Air Conditioning Repair Calls

There is almost nothing worse than sitting in a sweltering Florida home, watching the heat rise and finding out the wait time for air conditioning repair can be days or even weeks. 

The summer is already far and away the most demanding season for HVAC professionals under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, these are anything but normal circumstances. Building material shortages are causing supply chain issues at factories where parts and appliances are manufactured. Worse, labor shortages mean fewer people to drive the trucks stocked with what can be manufactured and fewer still to install and repair the HVAC systems. 

Until the supply chain and worker economy equalize, air conditioning repair and new installation calls will continue to outstrip the available supply of skilled workers and parts. This means the best thing you can do to keep your AC equipment healthy is to  avoid air conditioning repair or installation costs altogether.

This means regular maintenance checks so the regular wear and tear of your unit can be repaired as it comes up. One of the leading causes of repair calls is not doing basic maintenance on your units which can cost you in the future.


How to Keep the AC Equipment Healthy & The Repair Professional from Your Door

It’s possible to add years of useful, stress-free life to your air conditioning unit just by keeping up with regular maintenance. Even well maintained units need regular maintenance.

Ensure all your filters are changed regularly to keep debris out of your ducts and equipment. Also, make sure the condenser unit outside has at least a few feet of clear and empty space on all sides and that the thermostat is far removed from any heat-creating appliances. Ready to make sure you get through the rest of the year without needing air conditioner repairs? AMI Air can help! We take care of maintaining your unit so you can get as many years out of it as possible!

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