How the Seasons Affect Your Florida HVAC System

Florida is known for its heat, but there are distinct seasons throughout the year. Understanding the differences between them and how those differences affect your Florida HVAC system can have a real impact on your energy use and utility bills. 

HVAC systems in humid, wet coastal areas face a greater burden than those in drier, more temperate areas. Compared to the national average of 15-20 years, the expected lifespan of an AC system in the region can tilt closer to 8-14 years. Still, with meticulous seasonal maintenance, you can extend the overall life of your system.

Seasonal Factors That Can Affect the Lifespan of Your Florida HVAC System

Your heating and cooling needs change throughout the year, and so does wear and tear on the system. Florida’s hot, humid summers and frequent seasonal rain mean you’re more likely to be relying on the air conditioner throughout most of the day and night. Drier, temperate winters mean you can often go days on end without needing the air conditioner, perhaps turning to the heater on the occasional cool night. Through the winter, demand on your system is at its lowest, making it a great time to think about seasonal maintenance.

During this time, it’s a good idea to:

  • Check insulation and replace any in need of attention. 
  • Invest in an end-of-summer tune-up early in the cooler season to address any wear and tear it may have taken over the high-use period. 
  • Have your heating system inspected in anticipation of light-to-moderate use in the coming months.
  • Make a point of keeping debris and vegetation clear of the area around your HVAC system.

Keeping Your Florida HVAC System in Fighting Shape All Year Long

No one wants to deal with a broken heating and air system, but this is particularly true for folks living in Florida. HVAC system maintenance woes can lead to high energy bills, high repair bills and even the need for premature system replacement. By compensating for the high-use summer months during the less demanding winter season, it’s possible to keep your system humming longer, with fewer breakdowns. 

AMI Air Conditioning can help keep your system on track all year long with seasonal maintenance and care focused on the unique demands posed by Florida’s climate.

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