What Are Ductless and Central Split Systems?

For ultimate climate control, a split system is needed – a traditional central split system has an outdoor unit and an indoor compressor or condenser to provide perfect indoor climate control. The downside of traditional systems is that they require ductwork to provide climate control to different rooms. Now, you can choose between ductless or central split systems that can both provide excellent climate control for your home or business.


Central Split Systems
The most common air conditioning system used in the U.S. is the central split system. This comprehensive system uses an outdoor unit and an indoor condenser to cool the air to the desired temperature. The cooled air is forced through ductwork throughout the home or business to provide climate control in multiple rooms and levels. For complete climate control for a multiple-room or level home, central split systems are the ideal option.


Ductless Split Systems
When you have a single room or area that needs climate control, ductless split systems can be the most efficient and effective option. Like the traditional central split system, the ductless split system has an indoor and outdoor unit. The big difference is that there is no ductwork required. The installation is quicker and less expensive, which has made these smaller products extremely popular for isolated climate control.


Which System Is Best?
Both the central and ductless split systems can provide excellent climate control. If you have a small home or a single room you want to cool, the ductless split system can be less expensive and quicker to install. For whole home comfort, it is worth the investment to install a central split system that can provide overall climate control for multiple rooms. Many people will have a central split system for their home but may have ductless split systems if they add a new room to their home or want climate control in a garage or outbuilding.

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