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Tips to Keep Your House Cool While Waiting for Emergency AC Repair

There’s never really a good time for your air conditioning unit to break down, especially in Florida’s climate. Unfortunately, even with diligent maintenance and care, HVAC units do eventually break or reach the end of their lifespan. When they do so in the peak of the hot season, it’s imperative to figure out quick fixes for keeping the house cool while you’re waiting for emergency AC repair. 

  • Put Fans to Work for You – When the air conditioner is on the fritz, fans can be your best friends. While fans don’t actively cool the air itself, they do circulate it through the room to create breezes and better airflow. Give your fans’ cooling power a major boost by positioning them behind large bowls of ice. 
  • Weed Out Sneaky Sources of Heat – The air outside is doing enough to heat your home to an unbearable temperature; why let your appliances and light fixtures make the whole thing worse? You may be surprised by just how much heat major appliances can generate. This is particularly true for clothes dryers, dishwashers, and ovens. Old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs also generate a shocking amount of heat. Turn them off while you’re awaiting repairs, but consider replacing them with more energy-efficient, cost-effective, long-lasting, and heat-free LED bulbs.
  • Sleep it Off – It’s not easy to sleep when the air in your room feels oppressively damp and hot, but if you have to wait overnight for emergency ac repair services to be available, it’s a good idea to swap heavy blankets for light sheets, and maybe consider sticking your pillows in the freezer for a few hours before bed. The cold won’t last forever, but with a little luck, it’ll stay comfortable and cool long enough for you to fall soundly asleep.
The best way to deal with the need for emergency AC repair is to avoid it in the first place with a routine maintenance plan. Even damage to the unit or old-fashioned equipment failure can still wreak havoc with your summer fun. When the worst happens, and you need help, AMI Air is standing by to provide the very best in fast, reliable, and affordable repairs. 

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