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How to Keep Pet Hair from Damaging Your AC Filter

Our furry family members shed… a lot. Pet hair is common and can be hard to eliminate as it accumulates in many places in our households, especially the AC Filter. One place you may not realize pet hair is getting trapped in is your air conditioning system. Just like other allergens and dust, pet hair gets sucked up into your AC filter, which can cause clogged vents and maintenance issues. 

What Damage Can Pet Hair Cause to your AC Filter?

Your air conditioning unit works by sucking in air through the intake vents, cooling the air, and then pushing it back into your house. As this air is taken in, particles like dust, dirt, and pet hair also go through the filters and vents. 

Your AC filter is meant to prevent these particles and allergens from going through the vents, but when bigger particles like pet hair accumulate on the filter, it can become clogged. This will stop your AC from efficiently running or working at all. The longer you wait to fix this issue, the more pet hair or particles will accumulate, further slowing down the airflow and causing your system to work much harder. When the AC struggles to work properly (depending on how your system works) it can result in increased energy bills. 

Preventing Issues with Pet Hair

Although an AC filter is supposed to protect your unit and home from cycling dirt, dust, and pet hair, it can cause issues if it isn’t properly cleaned. Changing your air filter regularly is a must for pet owners. Otherwise, you could be looking at even more expenses like higher energy bills, more maintenance costs, and poor air quality. This goes for cleaning the air ducts as well. 

There are other solutions outside of maintaining your AC filter that can help in reducing pet hair issues. One of the solutions is to buy an air purifier or purification system. Air purifiers are specifically meant to remove dust, dirt, dander, pet hair, and many other types of air-borne allergens from your home, allowing cleaner air to be filtered throughout your home and not clogged in your AC unit. 

It may seem like common knowledge, but simple solutions like cleaning regularly can also make a huge difference. The more pet hair and dust that is vacuumed up, the less is moving around in the air and getting caught in the AC filter. Another mindless solution is to go directly to the source of the problem. Having a regular grooming routine for your fur babies will help reduce excess pet hair floating around the air, and cut down on the hours spent vacuuming each month. 

When to Contact Professionals

If pet hair or other particles has clogged, dirtied, or damaged your AC unit beyond a routine filter cleaning, contact AMI Air Conditioning Service. We offer the best service in cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. Contact us today for a free estimate! 

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